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Piero Golia

1974 Napoli - Lives and works in Los Angeles

A complex and pragmatic artist, a multifaceted provocateur with a neo-Dada imprint, he has made his mark on the international scene with performance actions pushed to the edge of reality that point out the contradictions of contemporaneity with lucid irony.

Concrete cube
with glass chandelier

Concrete, rebar, and glass chandelier, 75 x 120 cm

This work consists of a concrete cube with a glass chandelier stuck inside of it. The idea is simple: letting an object sink into the cement until it hardens and traps the object forever, eliminating its functionality and bringing it into the sculpture realm. As if just fallen from the eighteenth-century ceiling of Palazzo Diedo, Golia freezes the moment in the contrast between the fragility of glass and the imperishable eternity of concrete, metaphorically referring to the relationship between tradition and modernization.

Photos by Massimo Pistore

Untitled (floor)

Metal platform, materials for unfinished Venetian terrazzo floor, and a construction worker

This work is an ongoing experience that will take place in two phases in which Golia shows us the reality of things as they happen, considering the work as an evolving experience. While awaiting the realization of the permanent project in the traditional Venetian terrazzo technique, Golia, which always refers to time and process, puts us in front of the materials that will be used to build it, stacked like a minimalist sculpture.
Sitting above, almost like a Rodin's Thinker, a construction worker with his presence "activates the work" waiting to start building the floor.

Palazzo Diedo
Arts & Culture

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Fondamenta Diedo
Cannaregio 2386
30121 Venezia