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Mariko Mori

Born 1967, Tokyo, Japan. Lives and works in Japan

Great Light

Printed fabric

Photos by Massimo Pistore

Peace Crystal

2016-2024, Venice

In 2010, contemporary artist Mariko Mori began a monumental public project to create six site- specific artworks in unique ecological settings, local communities and collaborators on each of the Earth’s habitable continents. Faou Foundation, a non-profit organization, was formed to realize the project and promote environmental awareness of the balance between humanity and nature. Mori’s artworks are an emblem of gratitude to the diverse ecosystems and natural resources found across the globe. Set within the beauty of their pristine surroundings, they are a prayer for peace and harmony, and a reminder that every living being exists to revere earth’s treasures. Faou wishes to inquire an ethos of “One with Nature.” Faou’s third installation and Mori’s newest work, Peace Crystal, will be on view in the Private Garden, Palazzo Corner Della Ca’ Granda, Venice from May - October 2024.

Photos by Massimo Pistore

Palazzo Diedo
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